DIET EXPRESS 13 WEEK WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM [paperback] Julie Donaldson

We have designed a weight loss program that is simple and easy to use. We want to show people a straightforward way to manage their diet and to sustain it for the rest of their life. With no counting of calories or points, no starvation or unrealistic goal setting, Diet Express 13 week video provides clients with all the information they need to become their own expert on health and fitness. The main focus of Diet Express is to reshape the way people think about eating. At least 80% of women have been on some kind of diet in their lifetime and we want to break this often-destructive cycle of yo-yo dieting. We achieve this is with our unique 13-week program which includes one to one weekly online consultation, daily recording of food, and exercise in our Diet Express journal. This 13week program will be a step by step guide to understanding your concerns in relation to food and will allow you to develop a healthy relationship with it. Each personalized video will answer all the commonly asked questions about weight loss helping to guide and support you with any problems. Research has shown that filling in a journal can help double weight loss. People need to become aware of what they are eating, and why, in order to make positive behavioral changes. This combination of personalized attention and filling in a journal is the secret to permanent weight loss.

Nutritional Journal: Diet and exercise diary for good health and weight loss.

The Diet Express nutritional journal has been used by thousands since it was launched in 2010 to log nutrition and exercise over a 3 month period. The diary has everything you need to track your diet with space to log up to 6 meals/snacks as well as to indicate the size of portion. Exercise is quick and easy to fill in with a tick of a box or two. For those with more to track there is space to write in the weekly notes page. Your energy levels, water and alcohol are also logged each day. This nutrition journal also includes information about following a low GI diet and a daily record may be kept to indicate high/medium/low GI meals, or as some prefer, to indicate the quality of the meal! Whether your goal is weight loss, health or diabetes control the Diet Express diet and exercise diary will help you track your progress and reach your goals.


Diet Express is a Low GI diet and exercise programme that allows you to lose weight and control diabetes with a 13 week meal plan and accompanying recipes. The simple traffic light system, along with delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas help make deciding what to eat easy. The book will teach and inspire you to achieve your goals by encouraging good habits that will fit your needs, your lifestyle and your tastes. This programme is of benefit to all family members for good health and weight loss, and is also of benefit for better mental health and diabetes control. Lose weight and feel great today!

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